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Jane Said inDEED!

Posted by Matt Shivan on 7 Sep 2002

Chicago, Il - Coming off of the controversial and action packed By Any Means Necessary, OSW would be hard pressed to keep the momentum building after such a huge event.

But with Jane Reagan's lips and ten OSW superstars vying for one World Title, the task was to be handled beautifully.

Click here to check out the Slam Results!Did Tyler Nelson make his surprise visit that he promised? What OSW Superstar made his surprise return that shocked and stunned not only the wrestling world, but also one superstar in particular? And who walked out of the arena with the OSW World Title?

Click on the link and be transported to the Slam Zone!

The Year of the Dragon

Posted by Matt Shivan on 1 Sep 2002

Philadelphia, PE - After the end of Slam was rained out, spirits were dampened, but then came Sunday. By Any Means Necessary surpassed everyone’s expectations running not three hours, not four, but just falling short of FIVE HOURS!!!

Needless to say feuds came to a close and others progressed, but there was one thing, one thing that no body expected. Not even his closest friend.

Click here to check out the Slam Results! Also on BAMN the OSW World Champion had a surprise of his own for us, Frankie Bones had an ace up his sleeve and new tag team Champions were crowned. The Commissioner and the President tried to one up each other but in the end the final word came from the Owner herself.

That’s all the teasing you’ll get out of me, to find out the answer to these teasers you’ll have to grab a bowl of popcorn and a cold one, click the link and enjoy the show.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Posted by Matt Shivan on 25 Aug 2002

Philadelphia, PE - Everything started out great. The sun was shining the fans were enjoying the event and things were beautiful.

But then things took a drastic turn for the worse, and one OSW superstar was left in shock.

Also on this early edition of Slam a funeral was held, feuds were furthered and above all else By Any Means Necessary was the talk of the day.

How did things go from good to bad and who was left shocked? You won't find out here because after all this is only a tease.

For all the action had on over and click the link.

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